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Home study

My name is Rose and I’m a mental health nurse.

Over the past few months I have seen first-hand the significant effects of the social isolation and of the covid-19 pandemic on people’s mental wellbeing. These negative effects on wellbeing have affected us all. We have all, in our own ways, faced disruption to our lives and difficult and daunting challenges. For most of us, these have been very worrying times; fear for our health, that of our loved ones and the most vulnerable in our society along with worries about disrupted education, income and employment.

The covid-19 lockdown has placed a lot of restrictions on us at a time of increased stress, fear and anxiety. With this added lack of activity and distraction, and the loss of social contact and outdoor availability people’s stress and anxieties are being left to escalate.

It is imperative, more so now than ever before, that we safeguard our mental health; we need to build on and strengthen our mental resilience. It is in times like these that we all have a responsibility to do what we can for the collective good. To come together; to look after ourselves, but also to look after each other. It’s a time to feed our communities with kindness, support and good deeds.

Scott asked me at the start of this pandemic ‘How can we help?’ and after some discussions we decided on a home study paper that people could complete at home. This was a perfect solution and meant that Scott could continue doing what he loves (teaching navigation) while promoting the outdoors and hill safety during the lockdown. He has spent tireless hours putting the course together and building the modules for the home study course. Since going live with the course our time has been filled with answering emails, sending out the modules to subscribers and supporting the people enrolled when they’ve required extra guidance.

We created this home study course to spread some positivity and to support peoples mental wellbeing. We wanted this to be available to all and so we decided from the start that there would be no charge for this.

During the government lockdown we gave away over 2000 free home study navigation courses. While we originally agreed that we would offer this home study course until lockdown was lifted, we instead continued to offer this for free for two weeks post lockdown, following publication of a Trail magazine article about the course. 

We had such an overwhelming response to our home study course, the thanks and gratitude shown from the students has been heart-warming and we have been lucky to be able to provide people with activity and learning to productively occupy their time, a distraction from any worries, and for many, we have gifted them a future of adventure and exploration in the great outdoors. 

Now that the government restrictions have been lifted and we must resume business, we are unable to offer this home study course for free. As with most businesses across the UK and indeed the globe, we have had to adapt the way we operate and we have developed the homestudy course further in order to adhere to government guidance and have incorporated it into some of our paid practical courses.

The course has also been further developed into a learning package that can be purchased as a stand alone product. This is five modules and includes tutor support, a final test paper and certificate on successful completion.

Although we are no longer in a position to offer this course for free we hope we continue to be able to provide a high standard of tutoring and support to all our clients. 

 Blog post updated on 29/06/2020

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