NavTrek Taster Day

NavTrek Taster Day

On Saturday the 25th of January we took to the hills with a group of 

18 adults and children for a NavTrek taster session.

A bit of background information about this event - As some of you
may know, for three years Scott was part of the Ordnance Survey’s
#GetOutside campaign. He thoroughly enjoyed his role as an OS
champion, sharing his passion for the outdoors and inspiring people to
get outside. However, over the past few years Scott has been on a
journey of education and exploration which has led to the birth of
NavTrek; and therefor from February 2020 Scott will no longer be an
OS champion (at least not officially).

Last year Scott’s #GetOutside day walk was cancelled due to an
unprecedented amount of rainfall and poor weather conditions – So
before he officially hangs up his OS Champ cape, he decided to run
this event to smooth his transition between OS and NavTrek.
An invitation was extended to those who had previously registered to
attend Scott’s #GetOutside day walk and together we set out on a
group walk up Loughrigg fell.

Throughout the day we ran organized navigation themed activities
and games to give the group a taster of how we at NavTrek aim to
operate and run our courses. We started the day learning some basic
nav techniques where the group determined their individual pace per
100m – they used this method of pacing throughout the day as we
frequently threw various activities and challenges their way!
After learning to set the map to the landscape we set off on our walk;
breaking it down into legs and ticking off key features along the way in
order to confirm our location.

This was an especially useful exercise for people to get to grips with keeping the map set and it was great to see the families working together to identify their locations. We had a lot of fun with
Saturday’s troops and it was so warming to see everyone engaging as
a group, working together in pairs for the activities and most
importantly – smiling, laughing and having fun!

The day was a huge success and we give thanks to those who sponsored this event with prize donations and samples. We especially thank those who attended and supported us in our first event. The
experience has been invaluable for our development as a family
orientated (pun intended) Navigation Academy. Thank you!


With special thanks to – Isobaa merino wool clothing - Haago warmers - Ascendancy Apparel - Not The Safe Route - Yes bars - Brynmor foods - Ordnance Survey - Waterwell Travel


NavTrek taster day feedback 👍


Stuart “Friendly, informative and a fun day in the hills for all”

Shaun “A fantastic day created by the most welcoming couple,
something we will be back to do again!”

Amar “Amazing experience! Leant a lot about not only navigation but
about the mountains too”

Lisa “Great fun and educational, cannot recommend you guys enough
for an adventurous family day out! Lots of happy memories created”

Becca “Being a complete novice to navigation I really enjoyed
learning new skills. Everything was very organised and you guys were
extremely friendly!”

Lauren “Great guides and amazing walk. I was taught skills I never
had before, and everyone was very friendly

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