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My name is Rose and I’m a mental health nurse. Over the past few months I have seen first-hand the significant effects of the social isolation and of the covid-19 pandemic on people’s mental wellbeing. These negative effects on wellbeing have affected us all. We have all, in our own ways, faced disruption to our lives and difficult and daunting challenges. For most of us, these have been very worrying times; fear for our health, that of our loved ones and the most vulnerable in our society along with worries about disrupted education, income and employment. The covid-19 lockdown has...

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While it may seem obvious that a good hike through a forest or up a mountain can cleanse your mind, body, and soul, the science is now proving that hiking can actually change your brain… for the better! Aside from the almost instant feeling of calm and contentment that accompanies time outdoors, hiking in nature can reduce rumination. Many of us often find ourselves consumed by negative thoughts, which takes us out of the enjoyment of the moment at best and leads us down a path to depression and anxiety at worst. Research is now showing that spending time in...

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