Wild Wellbeing Days

Wild Wellbeing Days

Some of you may have heard about our recent launch of Wellbeing walks. For those of you who haven’t yet heard about our walks, the idea is to promote good mental wellbeing through 'the five ways to wellbeing'.

5 ways to Wellbeing

  1. Be active - We achieve this throughout the event as we walk up hills and through the open countryside over several hours. We advise everyone that a moderate level of fitness and ability will be required for attending these walks.
  2. Connect - The wellbeing walks allow people to connect with likeminded people who share an interest in the outdoors. It is a great way to meet new people, have interesting conversations and expand your social network!
  3. Take notice - The walks will be set in beautiful locations and across varied terrains which will promote mindfulness... It’s hard not to be lost in the moment when exploring these beautiful places!
  4. Keep learning - We hope that in joining our wellbeing walk people will learn something new, either about the outdoors, walking/hiking or about wellbeing, being mindful in nature and maintaining balance. Conversations is led around wellbeing and how this can be maintained.
  5. Give - Giving is the final point in the 5 ways to wellbeing. This does not always mean to give money or material items and can be achieved through giving your time (volunteering) or your support/advice. For our wellbeing walk we achieve this by asking attendees to make a £5 donation on booking - proceeds from all wellbeing walks will be donated to Black Dog Outdoors.

Black Dog Outdoors are a registered UK charity with a real passion for getting people outdoors and active to promote good mental health and wellbeing.

Saturday 11th July was the day for our very first wellbeing walk! I was joined by Jon, Andy, Becca, Hannah and Amanda. Some of the group members were new to hill walking and some were seasoned hikers; we had a great mix of people and conversation flowed easily! As the first event it was interesting to see how we as a group managed to follow the social distancing guidance and was pleased to find that this was easily done out on the hills!

The route I had chosen started from the cow bridge car park near Hartsop, led us along the length of Brothers water and then followed the Dovedale beck up to Dove crag. The walk started with a somewhat sombre story telling of the local folk tale about the small lake. It used to be named Broader water until the death of two brothers in the 1700’s, legend states the name of the water was then changed to Brothers water as a memorial to the boys.

After setting the tone for the walk we headed off and tried to change the topic of conversation to lighter subjects! We followed the track that snakes its way up through the valley, passing some beautiful waterfalls along the way.

We stopped for lunch below Dove crag while the most adventurous in the group went to check out the priest hole on the side of the crag before re-joining us for the descent back through the valley.

It was great to get out and meet new people, we spoke about the Lake District, our personal lives, family lives and work lives. Shared tips, tricks and advice around the outdoors, kit, gear, routes and getting outside with children. We spoke about how we maintain our own wellbeing and how the outdoors benefits us. We were mostly lucky with the weather but with some sprinkling showers thrown in! I also had a puncture on my tyre which meant a call to the RAC on own return to the car park!

Nevertheless we had a great day and made many new friends; the second wellbeing walk has already sold out but new dates will be available soon! The walk bookings will also be moving from Eventbrite to the NavTrek website as the ticketing fee on Eventbrite is 98p each!

Thank you to Jon, Andy, Becca, Hannah and Amanda for joining me for the first wellbeing walk! It was great to spend the day with you guys and hopefully it was the first of many adventures with you!




Walk feedback -

Andy “I thoroughly enjoyed the well-being walk. The company was great and I found it interesting to see how others and their families enjoy the outdoors in their own way. We shared stories and ideas of how best to take advantage our outdoor spaces in a responsible way, and had plenty of laughs along the trail.

The group was considerate of those with less experience and fitness, encouraging and inclusive of all. Rose was a great guide who set a relaxed atmosphere whilst inserting some snippets of local knowledge, she'd obviously done a little research and put the effort in.

10/10 - I'd be well up for doing something similar again!”

Amanda “I loved my first experience out walking with some great people. It was well organised and planned to support novice walkers. Although scared of heights I managed to get further than I would have imagined with the guidance and support of a great leader and team. Thank you so much for letting me join the group and experience what it is all about! I absolutely loved the route back down and was able to really appreciate the views and just how far I had made it! I can’t wait to book onto another one in the near future!

Hannah "Lovely day out! I enjoyed it, it was to great to get out with other adults and meet new people with shared interests! Thanks Rose!"


  • Karen Bartram

    Hi, I would be interested in joining a well being walk, but can’t see the distance if the walks, or the routes (only Lake District).
    Can you help me with this information please?
    Thank you

  • Rose

    Hi Alan, Thanks for the comment. Please look at the wellbeing walks tab on the main menu of our website and you will find full details future courses.

  • Alan hansen

    Hi I’m interested in joining the septmeber walk if there is a date set and I can fit it into my schedule.

    It sounds like a fanatic initiative.



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