Peaks N Pubs private NNAS Straight to Silver Nav Award

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                  NNAS accredited navigation training


Date – 4/5 September 2021

Duration- 2 days 9am-5pm (including assessment)

Location – Peak District


Our NNAS Straight to Silver Award is designed to develop your navigation skills over two days culminating in an assessment on day 2, which upon successful completion a Nationally recognised certificate is issued.

The following techniques and strategies will be taught, observed and assessed over the duration of the course.


  • Utilise the skills and techniques of the Bronze Award in the context of Silver Award navigation strategies.
  • Relate small hills, small valleys, prominent re-entrants and prominent spurs to their corresponding map contours. Use prominent hills, ridges, spurs and valleys as a means of navigation in good visibility.
  • Use landforms and point features to orientate the map and as collecting and catching features.
  • Use a compass to: Accurately follow a bearing; aim off; check the direction of handrails and other linear features.
  • Deviate briefly from a compass bearing to avoid obstacles or difficult terrain and accurately regain the original line.
  • Use back bearings to check route following accuracy.
  • Measure distance on the ground in varied, open terrain using timing and pacing and make practical allowances for any discrepancies.
  • Simplify legs using coarse navigation, attack points and fine navigation.
  • Recognise dangerous or difficult terrain on map and ground.
  • Plan and implement navigational strategies based on the above skills.
  • Maintain route finding accuracy in poor visibility or darkness.
  • Recognise a navigation error within a few minutes and apply appropriate relocation techniques.


Kit List

  • Standard hill walking gear including waterproofs (Jackets and trousers)
  • Good quality walking boots/shoes with good tread
  • A packed lunch, a good supply of snacks and a drink are also necessary
  • Warm clothing including spares, gloves and a hat
  • Sun cream, hat and sunglasses
  • OL1 1:25,000 map and suitable compass (Silva or Suunto recommended)