Day into Night Navigation-Lake District

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This course is intended to give you the skills to safely navigate during the day and in darkness in UK mountainous terrain. This 8 hour course will be split approximately 5 hours of day navigation and 3 hours of night navigation. 

Note: Participants attending this course would benefit from having prior map and compass skills 

Day Navigation:

Orienting the map using the landscape around you, and a compass needle.

Measuring distances on the map and timing techniques to calculate distances over varying terrain.

Navigating with a compass, understanding its features and how it works with the map.

Walking with an oriented map following linear features (walls, streams, boundary lines etc).

Using a magnetic compass to determine direction of travel.

Navigating to prominent land-forms and features.

Night Navigation:

The night navigation element will be based around the skills and techniques developed throughout the day, aiming for pre determined targets set by the instructor.

We will also look at escape routes off the mountains in darkness.


February 11th 1pm-7pm

March 4th 1pm-7pm:

March 25th 2pm-8pm


This course is based in the lake District mountains with an ascent to above 600m so a good level of fitness is required by all participants.

Please ensure that you read our T's and C's, cancellation policy and refund policy prior to making any bookings.